From our Farm, to your Doorstep

Made sustainably and delivered directly to your door


Set aside over 500 rai of land in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, SEED Sustainable Farm starts from a passion for sustainable agriculture and a desire to create a career for the local community where local farmers and experts could work together to produce fresh, safe, and sustainable products.

"From our Farm, to your Doorstep"

We developed our own line shop selling fresh quality products from our farm to provide everyone access to quality ingredients and creative meals.

The Maze

We provide our 3 sustainable 100% organic corn mazes changeable 3 times a years, inclusive of a free helium balloon. All corn donated to food banks or sold and money donated to charity.


The best place for

Corporate events, weddings & more

SEED Chiang Mai

Our food and products were produced in high quality by our local farmers at our biodynamic farm in Chiang Mai. With 500 Rai area, you can eat locally, enjoy natural trails, picnic with family and friends, and experience our Argo tourism at Seed farm.


4204 Rd,Mae Faek, San Sai District, Chiang Mai 50290


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