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Welcome to SEED!
With two distinct locations in Thailand, our larger Chiang Mai farm spanning 1600 sq. m. and the little Visitor farm, nestled within Laguna Park, SEED invites you to embark on a voyage through the heart of Thai agriculture. At Seed farms, we take pride in providing fresh, sustainably-grown ingredients to our clients and our restaurants in Phuket. We grow a variety of local vegetables, fruits and herbs like chilies, cucumbers, pumpkins, mulberries and sweet potatoes.

Eat healthy, support locals, and protect the environment!

Local Farmers

Sustainable Agriculture 

To Your Doorstep

Our Story...


A passion for sustainable agriculture and a desire to create a career for the local community. Now we are expanding our service from Chiang mai to Phuket so no matter where you are in Thailand, you can have our freshest, safest, and most delicious product possible!

What We Do

We are committed to “Sustainable agriculture” which produces minimal impact on the environment and grows our crops using sustainable farming methods. Here is what we offer.


Our 2 Locations

Some of the greatest memories revolve around good food and family. Collect memories with your loved ones, parents, and children. And enjoy good quality products in our two locations – Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Our Activities

Yoga In The Park - Phuket


Everyday yoga from 08:00-09:00 am 

FREE of charge!

Check the schedule below

Farm Journey - Chiang Mai

Spend half day in out farm in Chiang Mai, harvesting fresh vegetables that will be cooked for you by our staff and experiencing the farm life. Activity for private groups, on request.

birds in The Park

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Get to know more of our various type of birds in Laguna Park Phuket

More than 20 types of tree is waiting for you to explore more...

Plants in The Park

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